Day 1: The first thing I want to do is…

Sleeping! After a seven hour over-night flight from Frankfurt to Addis Ababa I’m just absolutely tired. Ethiopia’s capital welcomed us with a blue sky, warm 20 degrees Celsius and an almost tropical humidity. The ride from the airport to our hotel was quite an adventure – I will never complain about the mini-traffic jams in front of the Walldorf SAP Offices again… The streets are completely packed with cars, busses and donkeys, everybody trying to find the fastest way, completely ignoring any traffic rules, roundabouts or pedestrians. Traffic lights? Not needed…

A big ame-segi-na-lew to the driver that we arrived safely in our hotel. But sleeping has to wait for the moment: after meeting the Social Sabbatical group for the first time in person we’re off to our very first trip to the city center. Our destination: the local mercato.

In between Ethiopian clothes, butcher shops and baskets full of spices we all experienced another “first”: a more than heavy rain-storm including ice-pellets crashing at the streets as is happens one or two times per day during the rainy season in Addis Ababa. After ten minutes the streets were covered with water about 10 cm high – including our shoes.

They day ended with a common meal at an Ethiopian restaurant and the first injera dish – delicious! Sitting now back in my hotel room with my head full of first impressions and new images I finally will be able to do what I wanted to do all day long: Sleep!

Flight to Addis Ababa from Frankfurt Airport

Flight to Addis Ababa from Frankfurt



Taxi-adventure in the streets of Addis


YES – that was a street 10 minutes before!


Happy people at dinner


4 thoughts on “Day 1: The first thing I want to do is…

  1. Great! Best greetings from walldorf basement, without rain, functional traffic lights outside, smooth and slowly traffic. BUT NO ADVENTURE – Enjoy your time

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