Day 2: Dance like an Ethiopian

Spending together four weeks with 10 people you didn’t know at all before is one challenge of the Social Sabbatical. Especially in such a diverse group as we are with colleagues from Australia, China, India, Germany, Mexico, France & Canada, getting to know each other is key for a good team spirit and successful group work.

So, the goal of our second day in Ethiopia was growing together as a group and to learn more about your team members than their professional SAP background. For that purpose our team guides came up with some very creative ideas like human bingo (“Do you have allergies?! No? But you do speak more than 3 languages? Really?! BINGO!!”), a skills matrix and a learning style test. The biggest challenge definitely was the “architects and engineers” exercise where one group (the architects) had to explain how to build a lego figure to the other group (the engineers) – without showing the actual figure.

IMG_5610 IMG_5612 IMG_5613

The lego challenge – we made it!!

What helped even more in becoming one team was definitely our joint dinner – the absolute highlight so far. We had an amazing evening at the Yod Abyssinia with traditional Ethiopian food, live music and Ethiopian dancing. Perhaps it was the honey wine but I think we performed quite good at the traditional dance contest =)

IMG_5626 IMG_5627 IMG_5635 IMG_5644


Thank you so much, team, for this unforgettable evening and a great first weekend here in Ethiopia!


6 thoughts on “Day 2: Dance like an Ethiopian

  1. Hi Isabelle,
    I’m happy to hear that you two great first days! I’m sure you have great company and a exciting time ahead. Please say hello to Alicia…


  2. The “Architects and Engineers” exercise is one of my favorite teambuilding exercises on the opening weekend! Glad to see you had a great start, give my best to the entire team!


  3. Hi Isabelle,
    so good to read that you are having a more than exciting, amazing time in Ethiopia!
    But I wonder: where are the dancing pictures? 😉
    Keep on going, Girl!
    Best regards from home base


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