Day 3: Meeting our local clients

Today was the day – we finally met our clients for and with whom we will work during the next four weeks. Together with my partners in crime Weiwei Chen (China) and Juan Pablo Gomez (Mexico) we went to a local Ethiopian company called iDE to get our assignment started.

iDE Ethiopia is a non-government, non-profit organization which has been operational in Ethiopia for the last 10 years. iDE’s main objective is to reduce poverty and sustainably improve the food security and livelihood status of poor farming households in rural Ethiopian areas. To do so, iDE provides four major development programs for the enablement of rural small-scale farmers:

  • Agricultural water management (AWM)
  • Integrated Food Security and Livelihoods
  • High value agricultural commodities
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

For more details on the iDE development programs feel free to check their website

Now, where do we come in? iDE is doing a great job on the ground with its products and services for their beneficiaries. However, they feel that they still need to improve their communication about what they do to their stakeholders & donors. Therefore, we will work on a holistic communications strategy for them in the next four weeks, including actions to improve communications, message content, effective communication mechanisms & timing for communications to specific audiences.

Meeting our new colleagues today at iDE and listening to their wishes and needs was already very intense. Starting tomorrow on the project together with the local experts will surely be a unique experience. Looking forward to keeping you updated on the project and the great work iDE Ethiopia is doing.


From left to right: me, Weiwei, our two contacts from iDE Ethiopia & JP


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Meeting our local clients

  1. Hey Isa, congrats on your first blog and my full appreciation for your time and determination about sharing your experience. The first entries sound fabulous in the sense that you have gone from one day to the next into a different world that will add yet another colour to your mindset. The assignment sounds very interesting – surely a lot of work but wish you to have a lot of fun too with your new team mates and stakeholders.


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