Day 6: Ethiopian food – Injera, Injera or Injera

“I know Ethiopian food. Went to an Ethiopian Restaurant in Germany. Will just be the same.“ Well, THAT turned out to be a wrong assumption 😀

Due to our local advisor Teddy we started quite moderately with the Ethiopian cuisine in very good restaurants. The whole group enjoyed the traditional Ethiopian dishes which consist of Ethiopia’s staple food injera and different toppings like a variety of stews, goat cheese and sometimes salads. Using one’s right hand, small pieces of injera are torn and used to grasp the stews and salads for eating. The injera under these stews soaks up the juices and flavors of the foods and, after the stews and salads are gone, this bread is also consumed. Injera is thus simultaneously food, eating utensil, and plate.

IMG_3885 IMG_5635 IMG_5708

Injera with vegetarian & meat toppings

During our normal working days, however, we don’t go to these rather posh restaurants – on the one hand none of these places are close to our office, on the other hand do we want to share our lunch break with our colleagues – so we would mostly just join them for something to eat around the corner.

There are many little cookshops along the streets – which offer food rather unsuitable for European stomachs. We therefore found a compromise in the form of a little Ethiopian restaurant right around the corner. The menu there: injera with lamb, ingera without lamb or lamb soup… How different their cooking tradition is can be seen especially with the lamb soup – which is served including the lambs spine from which we actually have to nibble off the meat.

IMG_5682 IMG_5690 IMG_5691

Typically local food: meat from the butcher, lamb soup and vegetarian injera (tastes better than it looks 🙂 )

After a few days exclusively on injera with meat or without meat I was honestly looking forward to eat something else. The time of the Italian occupation did leave at least something good: a lot of places where they serve Ethiopian-Italian pizza, pasta and desserts. So we couldn’t resist yesterday and got ourselves a proper Italian meal – without ANY injera 😀


Happy faces at the international dinner


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Ethiopian food – Injera, Injera or Injera

  1. First of all happy birthday dear Isa!! Hope you are celebrating with lots of Injera, with or without meat. Apparently the Ethiopians also like to cook with coffee as a spice. In each case enjoy your special day!


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