Day 7: The Ethiopian Birthday

First of all: a big THANK YOU to all of you, who made this day so very special for me. Sabrina, Volker, Arif, Weiwei, Claire, JP, Paul, Conny, Thomas, Anand & Teddy – you are fantastic!

Celebrating your birthday in a foreign country away from your family and loved ones is always an emotional challenge. But I have to say: apart from the normal amount of homesickness on a day like that, my Ethiopian birthday today was one of the best birthdays I ever had and will stay with me in my memories forever!

Starting with my teammates JP & Weiwei at the Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa I enjoyed my birthday breakfast including pancakes, tomato & mozzarella and scrambled eggs (they have real bread! And butter! And milk!! 😀 ).


Breakfast at the Hilton

Thanks to Teddy we could then enjoy an amazing view over Addis from the En’toto mountain (over 3000 m high!) where we visited a national museum, the ancient King’s Palace and the first church of Addis. Stopping by at a clothes market on the way back we got to buy local Ethiopian dresses, scarfs and jewelry.

IMG_5735 IMG_5744 IMG_5756

On our way up to En’toto Mountain – waering the traditional sheepherder hat


View over Addis

IMG_5757 IMG_5767

The oldest Ethiopian-Orthodox church and the market

The perfect ending of this great day (no rain for the first time during the whole day since we are here 😉 ) was our dinner together at the Radisson Hotel: more than one “happy birthday” song, a surprise birthday cake and a great atmosphere with delicious food completed the day perfectly. Honestly guys: you are amazing!

IMG_5785 IMG_5790

IMG_5791 IMG_5794

Birthday cake!!! 🙂

A warm thank you also to all the people who send their birtday wishes today, had a birthday present before I left or even gave me something to bring to Ethiopia – you all made this day really special and unforgettable!



8 thoughts on “Day 7: The Ethiopian Birthday

  1. Haha so happy you had a blast on your birthday, and most importantly an amazing looking birthday cake! Als loving the sheepherder hat 😉 xoxo Heidi


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