Day 12: Listening to our Stakeholders

Going forward with our communication strategy for our local client, iDE Ethiopia, we started to talk to their different stakeholders this week. The objective is to create a mini-target audience study to find out the right communication channels, methods and content for iDEs audiences.

So far we identified three main audiences:

  • iDE’s partners with whom they plan, apply and organize their projects
  • iDE’s donors who directly or indirectly fund the projects
  • iDE’s clients i.e. the local farmers who are being supported

Using the iDE CEO’s contacts we were able to schedule several meetings this week with donors such as the Euopean Union and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as with some partners like Self-Help Africa or SOS Sahel. Speaking with the country directors and communication experts there, gave us valuable insights about their communication needs from iDE, their expectations concerning regular updates about projects and the possibilities of working together with iDE through their communication channels.

One highlight of this week’s work will definitely be the visit of one of the projects in a rural farming area on Friday. We hope to speak with the local iDE offices to evaluate their communication needs. Furthermore, we will use this opportunity to talk to some of the local farmers about any customer stories we could use for brochures and the website and take some pictures for our printing and online communication material.

We will use the information gathered this week to work on a communication strategy for iDE from next week on, providing them with the right communication material for the right audience through the right channel at the right time.


Getting ready for the stakeholder interviews at breakfast

IMG_5986 IMG_5988

@ European Union


@ Bill & Melinda Gates Foudation


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