Day 15: Exploring Ethiopia – Langano Lake Part I

Wonderful Ethiopia! That’s the first thing coming to my mind when I think about last weekend. Ten of us took the chance of a free weekend, rented a mini-bus and started our adventurous trip to Langano Lake in the Southern part of Ethiopia. Luckily we had a very motivated driver who was accidentally also a tourist guide. He made the drive itself an experience, too, stopping at all the great and interesting places on the way.

IMG_6108 IMG_6114

The road to Langano Lake shows the variety of this beautiful country: from desert-like stepps to very hilly areas to green and fruitful forests. Seeing the broad and rural nature in Ethiopia is fantastic! At our first stop at Lake Abijata we could add: also the animal wildlife in Ethiopia is fascinating. Being famous for bird watching, we could see a multitude of storks, pelicans and herons.

IMG_6116 IMG_6118

IMG_6119 IMG_6124


After a five hours drive we finally arrived at our hotel at Lake Langano – and were absolutely amazed! Not only were our rooms super-cute, original and very wildlife-like lodges, we were also the only guests (as it is off-season) and therefore had the whole resort to ourselves! Including the tree bar, the traditional coffee ceremony at 4 pm and of course the whole beach with hammocks, lounges and drinks.

IMG_6131 IMG_6132 IMG_6136

IMG_6139 IMG_6141

IMG_6148 IMG_6157


IMG_6198 IMG_6206


One Highlight was followed by another, starting with the discovery of wild boars in the resort (“Do they eat humans?!” 😀 ), the most amazing sunset and a candle light dinner at the open-spaced restaurant.

IMG_6212 IMG_6287


As the resort runs completely without electricity (solar panels for the lodges though) we enjoyed a wonderfully relaxed evenings with gas lanterns, candles and drinks. We only really had to get used to the wildlife noises (monkeys, boars and all kind of birds) – which are rather scary at night with nothing but the moonlight.



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