Day 16: Exploring Ethiopia – Langano Lake Part II

After a short night (way too short! Why do the monkeys need to play at OUR roof?!) we started the day with a morning trekking tour at 6:30 am. Our local guide took us outside the resort right into the forest. Besides many colorful birds we also saw beautiful old trees, a little waterfall and a variety of different landscapes around the lake. Enjoying the good weather, we had breakfast at our open-spaced breakfast room, afterwards capturing every single ray of sunlight at the beach.


IMG_6238 IMG_6296

IMG_6247 IMG_6248

IMG_6253 IMG_6254

IMG_6258 IMG_6260

IMG_6262   IMG_6298

IMG_6143 IMG_6305 IMG_6264

Back on the road again we then stopped at the Abidjatta Shalla National Park, famous for ostriches living there. Before we actually saw them, we did discovered more birds, boar pigs and the skin of a rather big snake. Finally we were able to spot several of the huge ostriches – both male and female. These animals are so big! And very beautiful. They were obviously quite used to visitors as we could approach them by less than 8 meters.

IMG_6266  IMG_6271 IMG_6273

IMG_6275 IMG_6270

The last stop at our road back to the capital, an UNESCO World Heritage site called Tiya, led us through the Gurage Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region south of Addis Ababa – one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. At Tiya we were supposed to see only stone stela with mysterious symbols written on them from an ancient Ethiopian culture. Unfortunately the site was closed so we could see the stones only from outside.

IMG_6363 IMG_6325

A big THANK YOU to our organizer, tour guide and first aid person Weiwei at this point! Thanks for organizing this great trip with all the unforgettable memories!



2 thoughts on “Day 16: Exploring Ethiopia – Langano Lake Part II

  1. hört sich nach einem tollen Wochenende an, Isa! Und danke, dass du so schön darüber schreibst!
    Eine gute, 3. Woche in Addis,


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