Day 23: The last days…

It’s Monday, August 3rd. It’s Monday, August 3rd?? As it seems, three weeks have already passed since I first set a foot into this country. The last week’s program is nevertheless packed with work: finalizing the communication strategy for iDE Ethiopia means working intensely on their content for printing material, the set-up of their online media channels and the re-building of iDE Ethiopia’s website.

Building iDE’s communication channels is one thing – providing them with the knowledge on how to use all the material, update it and create new content is something else. The last week’s program therefore also heavily focuses on knowledge transfer, website training and Q&A sessions for the local iDE Ethiopia staff.

Moreover, the last week’s program is also filled with the first good-byes: people you will not see again, favorite restaurants which we “have to go to one last time” and lots of things you wanted to do muuuuuch earlier, but somehow now cumulate during the last week. Hence, it was such a nice surprise from our host company to take us on an Addis City Tour on Monday afternoon to see the national museum including Lucy, eat some black forest cake (“Can you say Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte?”) and buy some souvenirs together at the local market.

The last week is what it is – seven more days full of new experiences, new challenges and hopefully lots of laughter, joy and happiness. Let’s use this time, team, and enjoy every minute of it!


Thank you to our host company iDE Ethiopia

A very special thank you to Tsion Markos (5th from the right side) who always took care of us during the four weeks of our assignment


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