Day 26: Addis Alliance

One of my colleagues here asked about my best experience during my time here in Ethiopia. A lot of things came to my mind like the absolute new culture-experience, the working abroad challenges, the trips we made, the friendliness of the people and so on and so on.

But the one thing that I really found to be very special and at the same time so essential for a great time here is: the group. The ten people I was here with for the last four weeks are just amazing! The time you spend somewhere is always shaped by the company you’re spending it with. And I’m more than grateful that this team consists of the ten wonderful, clever, warm-hearted and open-minded people I was able to meet.

IMG_6307 IMG_6356

When we chose our team name – Addis Alliance – before we even knew each other, we couldn’t know how true it would become. Not only did we spend almost every evening together, met for breakfast, lunch & dinner and went on some amazing weekend-trips together. We also supported each other on a personal level, celebrated birthdays in Addis and recorded birthday wished for the families at home, we helped each other with good advice and long conversations, we shared experiences from our teams and from our lives in general.

IMG_6557 IMG_6535

Volker, Conny, Arif, Weiwei, Sabrina, Paul, JP, Thomas, Anand & Claire – thank you for being just the amazing people you are! This social sabbatical became an unforgettable experience because of you. I think I can say that we’ve not only became addis allies – we’ve became addis friends.

Thank you.

IMG_6667 lake_langano


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