Day 25: Five Fun Facts about Ethiopia

Some insights on Ethiopian culture you will not find in a tourist guide book:

1. German plugs actually fit into the Ethiopian plugs without any adapter (YAY!)

2. To get the water running in the shower you have to push the tap instead of pulling it (took us all a while to figure out…)

3. There are actually no street names in Addis – addresses are mainly communicated with “nearby of…” (Unfortunately there is not always something famous nearby)

4. Ordering a coffee in Ethiopia means ordering a really strong espresso. Ordering latte macchiato means ordering a really strong espresso – with a sip of milk (and with sip I mean sip)

5. Dinner in the dark is nothing special here: at least once a day there is a power blackout – and strange enough it mostly happened around dinner time (learn how to eat without sight: check!)


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