Day 28: From China to Mexico to Germany

What sounds like a very intense world-tour on the first sight was the core of my social sabbatical experience: our iDE Social Sabbatical Team with Weiwei, JP and myself. I really want to thank these guys here – you are really the two main factors, who made this sabbatical the wonderful time it was.

image2  IMG_5736

Speaking of team spirit: We didn’t even know each other before we met here and it really clicked immediately. Spending together at least 9 hours per day can be quite a challenge – not so with you! We had so much fun together, shared the same humor, the same working ethics and even the same taste in lunch (meat? No meat?).


Speaking of marketing & communication: You REALLY impressed me with this! As you come from complete different professional backgrounds and never before worked on a marketing or communication strategy you just amazed me with your passion, ideas and spirit for our social sabbatical assignment. Seriously, Weiwei and JP, you did a fantastic job creating iDEs communication strategy and it was an honor for me to work with you.


Speaking of intercultural experience: One of the most interesting sides of the social sabbatical was the exchange of habits, cultural characteristics and customs. We were so lucky to be from very different countries and therefore shared a lot of funny, unusual and surprising stories. We were even luckier that these cultural differences did not hinder us working together but made our team even stronger and more creative.

IMG_6108 IMG_6292

Speaking of friendship: Something I didn’t expect before and therefore I am even more grateful it happened… Not only did we share a very intense working experience. You two also became my very close and important friends during the last four weeks. Thank you so much for your support, your care and the laughter you shared with me. I hope we can keep our spirit high, even if we’re so far apart. Luckily our first reunion is already scheduled 😉



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